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The table below shows an overview of the application software that is available on each of the Notur systems. Select a discipline from the menu to restrict the list of software to relevant entries.

The presence of application software for a specific system as shown in the table usually means that the software is centrally installed and available for all users of the system. However, certain restrictions may apply for software that has specific conditions for usage in the license agreement. The software can typically be used for academic non-commercial purposes. For other usage, in particular commercial usage, make sure that you are informed about the details of the software license.

The table below is automatically generated from the software modules that are available on the systems. Some of the names have architecture-specific names, while others have not. If a particular software package does not have an entry for a system, it could be that a) the software is not (centrally) installed on that system, or b) running the software on that system is discouraged, or c) it is not allowed to execute the software on that system.

The table represents the current situation fairly accurately, but may contain incomplete or out-of-date entries. Application software installed by users is not included.

Please do not install your own copies of software that is already (centrally) installed. In case you need access to a different version of the software, please contact the support staff for the system in question.

User-installed software.
In case you have application software that you wish to install and execute on the Notur systems, but you are unsure which system is most suitable, we strongly advise you to contact the support staff.

Selecting a package name in the left column of the table expands the entry with a short description. A green icon links to the home page of the software. Any pages describing a given installation are linked from the corresponding available version.

  • Version number: The software is installed on the machine with the version(s) listed available.
  • x: The software is installed on the machine, but version information is not available.


Please contact the support staff for the system in question for information about the availability of application software that is not listed here, especially if you consider to apply for access to this system.